Welcome to Ditira, the land in between

“My blessing is freedom, my enemy is the same”

This page is all expressions given by impressions of a Norwegian female.

My writing is simply just my way of life.
I created this window, to speak and breathe.

I am against war. I create peace.
Im pro love, pro life, pro humanity.

I have joined a peaceful march of love,
sharing a wish for a better place to call earth,our home.
Time to listen. Time to speak.


   Behind the pen:

   Julie Cathrine, a 29 year old norwegian woman.

   Join the indigorevolution ❤


“I wanted to write, to capture our dualistic individuality. Simply just by being human” 


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Ditira, the land in between

  1. Hi, thanks for the follow, please know my blog is bilingual as well, so you will get some notice on Italian poetry, bear with me, I’m doing my best to keep the post balanced! Or you could use this poetry to learn a new language, which will make three… 🙂

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