Rabbitholes and turtles

The little rabbit runs and jumps
He’s trying to find another rabbit hole

Who knows whether he’s right or wrong
or even if he’s able to visit them all

Choices made, by those who’s not certified
Those not being correctly adjust

Choices are made by rabbits and turtles
Who knows if they share the same sight

The little rabbit jumps over the turtle
Into a hole, out of reach

The turtle continues his journey and path
He might be slow, but he’s at ease

By the end of the road, where the goal tends to be
the turtle have almost given up

He’s tired of struggling, tired of laps
But the rabbit hasn’t shown up

The turtle just won
and he gets the gold medal

But never will he know
of other paths to follow

And never will he know
where the rabbit went

Yet a lesson is learned
and goldmedal probable well earned

The rabbit jumps out of a hole
and straight into another

Thinking of the gold
he doesn’t even bother

Freedom is reached
and with it follows peace


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