Listen for peace

I am hiding, yet I have never been more visible.

In my dreams and in my feelings i hide and create visions.
Visions that will one day come true.

We all need to shelter, we need to think.
Life is no good, all fluffy and pink.
We need to stand up and learn from our mistakes.

Our world is drifting, and it couldn’t tend more fake.
Do we really want this way of life,
where we’re not able to recognize good advice?
We’re slowly awakening, so sensitive and new.
We need to start trusting eachother, me and you.

Let our ego’s rule for one final moment,
to make a decision towards true abundance.
We need to share, to care.
We need to breathe and start living.
Wake up and feel the sun
She’s the reason we are living.
love, live and release
create peace


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