a tiny person grows
inside me

I feel a tingeling touch
A kick from within
from our unborn creation

One miracle, yet so common
an everyday happening
but yet our greatest milestone


Denne morgenen glemte jeg giraffspråket.
Jeg glemte å anerkjenne min huseiers behov.
-for å starte min morgen med å klage
på en knirkende stol.
Jeg glemte å vedkjenne at hennes behov
er like viktige som mine

Today I am Human

“Your drawing is awful”, the little boy said
“Let’s blow his hat of”, listeners prayed.
Today I am Charlie, today I am peace
Let’s hold hands, do not release.
We are brothers and sisters
despite any pencil
despite any motive
Let us paint, let us sing
as free human beings
Let us march, let us walk
rejoin without marks

Love & Peace

Fortsatt idag

Jeg er våken i timen
der natt møter søvnig, morgenmørke.
Solen er ennå langt unna,
hun reiser raskt og vil være her om noen timer.
Et øyeblikk av evighet.

Værens øyne, vide men smale.
Rastløse føtter.
Et smilende ansikt
følger hender som teller.

Nattens utveksling av karakter og melodi,
skaper en rynke under mitt venstre øye.
Den er ønsket.

Jeg elsker minutter av ingenting.
Øyeblikk mellom dager
mot klokken på en måte,
for hvis jeg ikke har gått i dvale ennå,
er det for meg fortsatt i dag.

Still today

I’m awake during the hour
where night meets with sleepy, morning dark.
Sun is yet far away
she travels fast and will be here in one hour.

A moment of forever.
Manners and eyes, wide but tight.
Restless feet.
A smile on face
watches hands counting.

Nightly exchange of character and tune,
put just another wrinkle under my left eye.
I fancy them in some way.

I love the minute of nothing.
This moment between days
anti-clockwise in a way,
if I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

For me, it’s still today.


Fight for not being a victim!
Right or wrong on this task.
Consider options within!
carefully unmask.
declare freedom!
unhook all chains.
Be human!
make a change.
towards a better world!

The guns have arrived

From childhood memories
I’ll proudly present
29 weapon free years
From this day on
this surely ends
as officers now wears
a thing that kills
a negative reminder
of one land’s freedom crushed
The fears tightens the grip
once more
The past and it’s future
has now arrived

While making decisions of destiny

Endless urge of power, a pest
The black suit and a blue tie
lies heavy on this mans chest
It’s been months since his last breath

Documents of human longing with trust
declined with anticipation and a bust
four walls later sold piece by piece
Like an old car, smeared in with grease

The tie is tainted so the man throws it away
It’s more where that came from, so they say
Documents put into a file, case closed
A family of five, worthwhile at the most

Rabbitholes and turtles

The little rabbit runs and jumps
He’s trying to find another rabbit hole

Who knows whether he’s right or wrong
or even if he’s able to visit them all

Choices made, by those who’s not certified
Those not being correctly adjust

Choices are made by rabbits and turtles
Who knows if they share the same sight

The little rabbit jumps over the turtle
Into a hole, out of reach

The turtle continues his journey and path
He might be slow, but he’s at ease

By the end of the road, where the goal tends to be
the turtle have almost given up

He’s tired of struggling, tired of laps
But the rabbit hasn’t shown up

The turtle just won
and he gets the gold medal

But never will he know
of other paths to follow

And never will he know
where the rabbit went

Yet a lesson is learned
and goldmedal probable well earned

The rabbit jumps out of a hole
and straight into another

Thinking of the gold
he doesn’t even bother

Freedom is reached
and with it follows peace