007 -fear

No fluffy pillows,
no scented candlelight,
just one woman on wooden floor;
on search for inner light.

Silent from pan flutes, and oceans far away.
Just that inner calm, she’s resting beside an ashtray.
No need for extras in this show
Just her and one artifact of a soul

We may all have visited this accurate time,
just to join the swirl
of life, we need dualism to twirl.
This is where magnetism makes sure;

to make us shaken, not stirred.


In various places
they have traveled and begged
for life, money and human care
We can not close our eyes
While parts of humanity has gone wild
We say no to discrimination
Leave our friend alone
We’re all sharing one wish
Lets write that on the wall
Accept, Respect and Love
Let the cornerman play his accordion
let us envolve into a union
of hope and freedom
and common respect
Let go of his wrist